Our Wood Home

Our Wood Home: February 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Wow...it's been a while since I posted anything!  I may have already mentioned that we don't have internet at our house (it's expensive and since we just have one income we figured now isn't the best time for another expense).  I usually go to my local library to use my laptop and have been able to post blog entries successfully.  However, for some reason I was unable to post pictures to my blog.  Obviously it was very frustrating because the majority of my posts require pictures!  Thankfully now that little problem has been fixed!

Please enjoy this picture of our house taken during a lifestyle session by Jenn of Jenn Austin-Driver Photography.

Once I have more material prepared I will be back to my blogging self!


Friday, February 1, 2013

our lovely sign

When I was little my granny took me to a tea room for lunch.  I really don't remember much of it except that I felt like such an adult because I was the only kid there.  We were going to start a tradition of going there but it closed down the next year.  We were pretty disappointed and sought out a new tea room.  As an adult I drove past the tea room nearly every day on my way to work and was very sad to see the tea room had been painted and sold.  I'm not sure what was going in it's place but the sign was taken down and the building contents were being tossed in a dumpster.

In college, my then boyfriend (now husband!) and I decided it would be awesome if we could rescue the sign from the trash.  It was way too big to fit in his car so we planned to come back later with his dad's truck.  When I drove past the next day the sign was gone and I was devastated.  David said it was probably thrown out already.  Fast forward to Christmas when David told me my present was in his parent's garage...it was my sign!!  He drove back the same night we tried to get it and put it in his dad's truck.

I knew that I wanted to hang it in the kitchen of the house we had yet to buy but since we didn't have one yet, it stayed in the garage.

Since we have a house now it hangs proudly in our dining room and can be seen from all places on the main floor!