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Our Wood Home: March 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter dinner(s)

This year David and I are hosting Easter dinner for both our families.  Most of David's family has not seen the house yet, so we are looking forward to showing it off.  There were some little things we had planned to fix (replace some drywall, paint, etc) but were in no great hurry until we decided to host dinner.  That was a huge motivation for us because we want the house to look its best!  So far I've  painted 3 room, David put up new drywall in some spots of the basement, we got a woodstove installed, we are replacing the trim in the dining room (and there's more we have done too!).
My busy-ness can be blamed for my lack of posts lately.  Hopefully things will settle down soon and I'll have more time to post some recipes, DIY projects and a home tour!

Just to get you excited, here is what we have planned for sping:
  • landscaping
  • possibly adding on to our exisiting back deck
  • planting a veggie garden
  • remodelling our basement bathroom
  • tearing out the basement bedroom to allow for a more open space
  • painting the upstairs bathroom wall tile (half way up the wall is a weird blue tile...it's gross)

By the way...does anybody actually read this?  I know of two people who do, only because they are friends with me on Facebook and told me they read it.  If you are silently lurking through my blog, please comment!  I'd love to know my writing isn't just being absorbed by the internet without anyone seeing it.

Happy Easter!

Cupcakes David and I made together years ago for Easter

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

warmer weather=better outfits!

It's no secret that I HATE winter. Well, I just hate winter weather.  In my part of Canada the winter weather can be bitterly cold, snow softly falling, blizzards or rain.  I don't like snow (except on Christmas Day) or the unpredictability of our winters.  A few weeks ago it felt like spring but now it's snowing again.  Siiiiigh....

But, to perk me up I decided to go through my closet and select some of my favourite outfits for spring!  Even just trying them on made me feel better.  Hopefully I'll actually be able to wear them soon!  I'm sadly still sproting winter gear.

(I'm totally looking past the camera...haha!  In this picture I realized I look A LOT like my mom.  Eeeeerie!)
Blouse: Suzy Shier
Cardigan: Zellers (old)
Pants: Zellers (heart patch on cuff sewn on by me)
Shoes: Payless

I LOVEEEEE these pants!  They are literally the most comfortable thing I own.
Tank Top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Gifted to me
Pants: Suzy Shier
Shoes: Payless

Blouse: Cleo
Cardigan: Zellers
Belt: from an old dress
Pants: Suzy Shier
Shoes: Payless

This is the shortest hemline I've ever worn bare leg!  I actually did wear this to work once and it was fine because I sat behind a desk.  I'd normally wear this when I'm going out with my friends or husband.
Dress: Bootlegger years ago
Cardigan: Walmart
Belt: came with a pair of pants
Shoes: Walmart

I would like to make a few disclaimers about my outfits:
  • Besides the dress in the last picture, I never wear short hemlines!  I don't think it's always appropriate for a married woman.  That being said, This outfit works for me because my arms are covered and my shoes are simple.  I never wear flip flops (Birkenstocks or heels!) but my black heels would have made this look too trashy.
  • I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on my clothing.  I keep, uh...expanding in certain places so I tend to outgrow my clothes (weird for a 23 year old).  I will spend a lot on shoes because I have sensitive feet and on jeans because it's hard to find a good fit.


Monday, March 18, 2013

outfit post: running errands

Here is another outfit post for running errands. 

Scarf: RW&Co (bought years ago)
Sweater: Suzy Shier
Pants: Navy Blue Skinny Cords from Joe Fresh
Boots:  Soft Mocc
Bag: Guess
Bracelet: Pandora

Hat: Sears
Coat: Old Navy (bought years ago)

I try to wear a nice coat when I go out if the weather is too cold.  I always wear a hat and scarf and carry mittens with me anytime  I go out.  When I was a kid my family's truck broke down in the middle of winter, at night, on an icy country road.  We were able to call for a ride but had to get to the end of the road ourselves (our rescue car wasn't able to get to our  truck becuase of the ice).  Obviously we weren't expecting that when we left the house that day, so we weren't 100% prepared.  Ever since then I've brought full winter gear with me when I drive. 

Anyway...that's my post for today.  As I've said before, I'm not about dressing on trend or buying new clothes every season.  I wear what I love and shop whenever.  I'm still wearing clothes I got in highschool and college because they still look good.


Monday, March 11, 2013

published on Offbeat Home and Life!

Back in November I had a DIY posted on Offbeat Home and Life.  It was the first DIY I had done in our new home so I was really excited to have it posted online.   I got a lot of positive feedback from people who saw the post and that definitely made me feel good!  I decided to submit pictures of our house for another post.
When I was perusing the website today I came across my home:)  I was surprised to see it because the editors usually e-mail to say a post will be live soon. 

I'm actually really honoured that my home submission was chosen because I'm super proud of our home.  And being chosen for a site like that means that other people enjoyed seeing our home too. 

So, if you'd like a peek inside our house please click right here and you will be redirected to the post on Offbeat Home and Life!



Thursday, March 7, 2013

fashion: a new category on the blog!

Let me start by throwing out this disclaimer:  I am in no way a 'trendy' dresser.  I tend to wear classic pieces that don't really go out of style. 
That being said...I think I have an alright sense of style!  I'm slightly ashamed but also proud to say I'm still wearing some clothes I bought in highschool (and I'm 22 now) and they don't look dated. 

I decided to start outfit posts on my blog because I think I dress nicely and hope that someone may be inspired by my simple, yet classic wardrobe.

This first post is of an outfit I wore when I went grocery shopping.  I'm not one of those people who believes in dressing up just for errands, so I tend to wear jeans, a sweater and a bit of make up. 

Jacket: Old Navy about 4 years ago
Scarf: Christmas gift
Bag: Old Navy about 6 years ago
Jeans: Tango Women's Wear
Boots: Soft Moc

Believe it or not that sweater is actually one of my husband's cast offs (see below)!  It shrunk in the wash a while ago and I saved it before he donated it.  I loved the sweater as soon as I saw it and actually really wanted it.

October 2009:  the original owner of my new favourite sweater!

Check back soon for more outfits posts! 


Friday, March 1, 2013

painted dining room

I painted our dining room yesterday and am so excited to share the pictures!

Before I painted I had some boring prep work to do...I had to remove all the trim (we are replacing it anyways) and patch the awful holes in the wall.  I will admit that it felt pretty good doing that work because it's usually stuff my husband would do.  He was at work and I had seen him do it enough so I figured I could handle it! 
Then came the taping...we have slanted ceilings that start at normal height and vault into cathedral so it was a bit tricky to tape along the celing.  The ladder was actually too short for me to reach all to the tallest point of the wall so I have a few inches of unpainted wall (until this weekend when my father-in-law brings over a taller ladder!). I should also mention that I am very uncomfortable with heights...especially being on a ladder in an empty house. I'm paranoid that I will fall off and break my neck and just lay there on the floor until my husband comes home from work.  By which point I will be dead.  Ugh, creepy I know.  So being up on that ladder was a big deal for me!  But I managed to tape anyway!

Thankfully the walls were a light colour so primer wasn't needed.  The paint colour I used is Behr's "Cinnabark" and I bought a can of paint and primer in one (bonus: it has the lowest amount of VOCs on the market, which means it's safe to keep the windows closed while painting). Although, since I used a roller I found that it didn't fully cover the walls evenly and I'll have to touch up the spots where the old paint shows through.  I will always choose brush over roller but that would have been silly in this case.

Enough talk! Here are the pictures!
Oh, I should mention that I literally did everything myself because David works all day and I don't.  I knew that doing it myself was practical and the best choice because who's husband would want to paint after working all day?

not able to reach all the way to the tallest part of the wall yet...

 This is the first big paint job I've done in the house (we painted the bathroom first but it was a much smaller task) and I'm so pleased with it.  We are planning to paint our bedroom next weekend and maybe even some of the basement!