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Friday, January 31, 2014

men's shirt into a pencil skirt tutorial

I'm so unbelievably proud of this skirt that it's a little sad. I mean, turning a shirt into a skirt isn't rocket science, but I have almost NO sewing skills so that simple fact that I made something wearable (by hand, I might add!) is amazing to me.  Since my sewing machine has never worked properly I've grown used to sewing everything by hand...and that that takes a long time!! I spent a whole afternoon on this skirt, from start to finish but it's actually a relatively quick project if you have a sewing machine.  It's important to find a shirt to use that is bigger than you need, so that you have some material to work with.  I actually used one of my husband's old shirts that no longer fits him and it just fits me across the hips in skirt form.

my husband, when his shirt still fit.  now, it's waaaay too tight in the shoulders and arms. 

Before I give the instructions on how to make this I'd like to point out that THIS IS NOT MY TUTORIAL.  IT WAS CREATED BY SOMEONE ELSE AND I SIMPLY ADJUSTED IT TO MY LIKING.  This great idea was created by Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking.  Her original tutorial is great, but I did things slightly different when making my skirt.  I'm going to post what I did with the link to Suzannah's post at the end.


Materials needed:

  • men's button down shirt (I used a men's medium)
  • one of your own skirts as a template
  • tailors chalk
  • straight pins
  • scissors
  • needle and thread OR sewing machine


1. Cut off the sleeves of the shirt, including the seam

2. Decide how long you want your skirt to be and cut off the collar and the back yoke

3. Lay your skirt on the shirt and trace around the edges using tailors chalk.  

4. Cut out the front and back pieces of the shirt (mine goes out a little at the hips and tapers back in at the waist because my hips are fairly broad and my waist is tinier.  I will always wear this skirt at the smallest part of my waist)

5. If desired sew some of the button gaps closed with a simple stitch running vertically (I made sure the top 2 buttons could still be opened but I didn't want the rest gaping)

6. Lay the pieces of fabric wrong sides together and pin at the side seams.

8. Hand sew the seams on both sides.

9. Pin and hem the bottom hemline.

10. Pin and hem the top of the fabric to create a waistband.

TA-DA! You just made a skirt. Now go put it on and take pictures of your fab creation.  I sure did!


As I mentioned before, this tutorial is NOT my original idea.  I adapted a great tutorial from Adventures in Dressmaking and you can view it here.  

What do you think of this idea?  I'm so excited to make more plaid shirts into cute little skirts!  Would you do plaid or solid or another pattern?  I'd love to see what you guys come up with so let me know by commenting below, sending me an e-mail (davidswife2574@gmail.com), tweeting me @OurWoodHomeblog or even on Facebook.  I'm also on Pinterest, so follow me and I'll follow back.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

our wedding

I've mentioned before that I absolutely loved my wedding.  Getting married is the best thing to happen to us so far and we couldn't be happier.  We had been dating for 2.5 years when my husband proposed, and we got married exactly 16 months later.  It was a very long engagement by some standards, but well worth the wait!  I had a lot of great plans for our wedding in terms of decor and stuff like that, but honestly, most of it ended up being scrapped and we only did things that were really important to us.  For example, we chose a venue that didn't need much decor for the reception, we didn't decorate the church for the ceremony, our food was AMAZING and guests loved it, the DJ we hired played the perfect music and our photographers were great.

A good chunk of our budget went to the photographers but that was a very important thing to me.  I actually had a short list of over a dozen photographers and I'm so happy we chose Jenn and Matt from Jenn Austin-Driver Photography.  The photos we got were amazing and I love looking at them over and over again.

Our wedding wasn't a big party, we didn't have a bar and people really didn't dance.  But that's how we planned it.  Most of our guests were older so we chose music that was appropriate for everyone, could be danced to or just enjoyed from your chair (think Micheal Buble with a bit of Time Warp thrown in!).  The feedback we got from guests was awesome!  People said the wedding was classy; the music was wonderful; the food was so good; our decor was nice; we looked so good; our ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt (it made people cry, hahaha!).

Honestly, I wanted to get married at city hall and be done with it.  But having a church ceremony and a reception was important to our families, so we did have those, but the way we wanted.

I love sharing my photos and vendors with people so please have a peek at my Pinterest Board of wedding photos.  And if you're looking for wedding vendors in the Kawartha Lakes/Peterborough County regions, look no further!

Hair: Fusion Hair Studio
Makeup: True You Makeup Artistry 
Flowers: Kawartha Lakes Classic Flowers  (Kathleen was amazing! She created exactly what I wanted)
Reception Venue: Lakeview Arts Barn  (they catered too!  The cost for rental and catering was a bit pricey, but well worth it.  They provided chairs, tables, linens and all dishes.  The food was prepared fresh that morning from local ingredients).
DJ: MacMillan Entertainment Group (ask for the owner, Tim!!)
Photographer: Jenn Austin Driver Photography


how I preserved wedding flowers

My husband and I got married 1 year, 3 months and 1 day ago and it still feels like only yesterday (in a good way!  the newlywed feeling never wore off!).  I framed a lot of our wedding photos to display around the house and made a special gallery beside my vanity.

Resting on the top left photo is my husband's boutonniere.  We didn't actually intend to save it but I'm so glad we did!  I'm sure there are fancy/more complicated ways to preserve flowers, but I'd like to share my version with you.  Ready? Here it is...suuuuper easy.


We accidentally left the flowers in the car for a few days, but the cool October air dried them beautifully.   Some of the petals remained but most of them got knocked off during our picture session because I just got too darn close to my new husband:)  

Not too bad for accidentally leaving them in the car!!

Our family members who had flowers in our wedding also air dried theirs and they still look great.  I really encourage people to try saving their wedding flowers this way.  It's so easy and you will be glad you did!

Notice how I didn't mention how we saved my bouquet?  This is it here...

It's made entirely of brooches and pins that I bought or were given to me by friends and family.  It's a wonderful keepsake that I get to admire every day:)

Show of hands...who would be interested in seeing a tutorial on how to make a brooch bouquet?  Let me know by commenting below, sending me an e-mail (davidswife2574@gmail.com), tweeting me @OurWoodHomeblog or even on Facebook.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

surviving this weekend

Take a look at that picture and tell me what you see...Probably a few vehicles and a guy using a snow blower to clear his driveway.  Let me tell you what's really going on here.  That blue car is mine, stuck in a snowdrift that's 5 feet tall on one side and about 3 feet on the other.  That red truck on the road is my husband's, and it's parked there because he couldn't get into the driveway due to snow.  My husband is valiantly trying to plow a path through the 2-3 feet deep snow in the driveway while our neighbor is using his farm tractor to clear snow too.  The neighbors across from us has someone plow their driveway but the snow ended up pushed into ours...awesome.  So the tractor neighbor used his equipment to move all that away for us.  

All this snow started on Friday afternoon and has been going all weekend.  The winds have been gusting up to 50km/hr and the temperature is around -20C.  It snowed a lot on Friday night and some more on Saturday.  The giant snow drifts happened overnight on Friday and I'm surprised my husband even got his truck out on Saturday. 

So what you're looking at above the view of our yard from the road...without snow.  Then the same shot but taken today.  UGH.  You can see that the snow made drifts as high as my car (it's buried on the right.  The vehicle on the right is my father in law, who came to help my husband with some reno work.  More on that in another post!).

my car this morning...thankfully the snow is mostly out of the way!

 Yesterday my husband had to go get some firewood for our wood stove and he was surprised at how much snow had fallen at home in just a few hours.  Thankfully, our nice neighbor helped him clear the driveway and I had shoveled the front deck and by the garage.  We've been staying indoors so far and I think we will probably do that until Monday morning when it's time to go to work.  I've noticed that the snow has stopped falling and there's no wind, which is good, but it just looks cold out.  But it might be a good day to try out our snowshoes!

Stay warm, everyone!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

purging and shopping

My name is Christina and I have a lot of clothes.
It's true...I have my own closet room because I can't share closet space with my husband.  I also had a full size tall dresser in the basement filled with clothes.  And half a closet of coats, buckets of hats, mitts and scarves and a box full of shoes and boots...and come containers of out of season clothing.  Why did I have so much?  Well, probably because I love shopping (within my means, of course).  And I didn't see a problem with having 6 of the same item.  I also kept clothing for sentimental reasons and have a freakishly large collection of concert shirts that I collected through high school.  I often do closet purges and get
 rid of what I don't wear anymore, but I also tend to buy the same sort of new clothes (a girl can never have too many black shoes, right?!).  That was my problem: buying the same item over and over again.  I rationalized it by saying each one was slightly different, therefore I needed them all.  I did a big closet purge in the fall and am proud to say I have only 3 pairs of black pants: 1 high waist skinny, 1 high waist wide leg and 1 normal waist boot cut. 

Years ago I decided to make a list of the items of clothing that I needed to complete my wardrobe (this was in high school before I really had a stupid amount of clothing.  I think I had, like, 3 pairs of jeans and some sweaters.). On it where things like brown tights, back flats, red cardigan, black cardigan, patterned long sleeved tees, knit dresses. They were basic items that I could add to my existing wardrobe to make a lot of outfits, and for a while, the list helped my buy only what I needed.  Over the years my clothing needs changed what with going to college and eventually entering the adult workforce.  I had to completely rebuild my wardrobe because this...

is certainly not appropriate for someone who wants to be taken seriously as an adult. I rebuilt my professional wardrobe without realizing how out of hand it was getting.  During my last purge I looked at every single piece I owned and asked myself Does it fit?  How often did I wear it this season?  Do I have other pieces to go with it? Are there duplicates?   Looking at each item of clothing was helpful because I could visualize outfits in my closet or determine what I needed to complete an outfit.  For example, I realized I don't have a white cardigan and that one would look very nice with several blouses and dresses.  I also realized I didn't have any black flats, which should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe.  So after donating anything I didn't need anymore I made a shopping list of the clothes I needed to make my closet complete.  I carry it in my wallet and only buy something if it's on the list.  If I really want it but it isn't on the list, I take a picture and think about it for a day or two.  Then I look at my closet and see if anything I own is similar or if it can be combined with existing items to make an outfit.   A copy of my list is shown below.  

  • white cardigan
  • white blouse
  • patterned short sleeved blouses
  • patterned long sleeved blouses
  • purple cardigan
  • dark skinny jeans
  • brown dress pants
  • white dress pants
  • brown flats
  • brown boots
  • red heels
Each item is a basic that will get plenty of usage in my wardrobe.  When I buy something, I cross it off the 
list.  I'll admit it's sometimes hard to say no to an item I want but don't need.  But I know it would probably not get worn very often and would be a waste of money.  Here's a little tip: I saw an item I really wanted but didn't need so I made a list of all the ways I would wear it using existing items from my closet.  I came up with about 10 different outfits and determined that it was a good purchase.  

Congratulations on making it to the end of this post!  As a reward, allow me to summarize this whole thing in a few bullet points.
  1. take a peek at this post for tips on how to purge your closet
  2. make a list of the clothing you need to complete your wardrobe so that you have a coordinating item for everything
  3. keep that list in your wallet and only buy something if it's on the list
  4. when you find a piece of clothing you reeeeeally want but don't need, take a picture of it and go home without buying.  assess your closet to see if you already have something similar or if it can be combined with what you have to make outfits.  if you don't have anything like it and it is versatile, go for it!
I'd love to know what's on your clothing shopping list!  Let me know by commenting below, sending me an e-mail (davidswife2574@gmail.com), tweeting me @OurWoodHomeblog or even on Facebook.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

turkey chili recipe

My post for the week is up at So Fawned!  I made an easy and filling chili that's also good for you, so go check it out!

And if you liked that recipe be sure to have a peek at my others posted on So Fawned.  


Monday, January 20, 2014

choosing paint colours

Last week the weather changed from really to cold to sort of mild and overcast.  That caused a major migraine for me that lasted 2 days.  When I get migraines (sometimes from barometric pressure changes and sometimes for no explained reason) I'm bedridden until they go away a few days later.  It's terrible really.

But I'm feeling much better after a relaxing weekend!  I'm actually really motivated to do things around the house, such as  washing the floors, reorganizing some rooms, finally unpacking boxes that have been sitting in my closet since August...and every room I go into taunts me with boring or ugly wall colours!  I've been searching for paint colours since we moved in a little over 1 year ago and have made some progress.  The dining room got a dramatic paint job, the main bathroom was brightened with a nice white and our bedroom was painted another shade of white.  The painting I've done so far is a much needed improvement, as you can see from the before and after pictures in the linked posts.  But as I'm typing this in my living room
I'm facing a boring beige wall that I've been dying to paint!

what I'm looking at right now: boring beige walls.  the colour in person has more of a yellow undertone.

 The problem is find the perfect shade of beige (I know beige isn't very exciting but it's a nice colour to live with and works as an awesome neutral.  I actually prefer grey as a neutral but we have a lot of warm woods in our living room that would not work well with grey!) that doesn't clash with all the wood but is still nice to look at.  I think I've finally found something close to what I want, so my next step is finding time/hiring someone to paint.  The process of finding a paint colour is a long one (for me, it is!).  Every time we went to Home Depot I walked through the paint aisle to see if something caught my eye.  I saved dozens of paint chips and tacked them on the walls to see how that colour would look in different lights.

My favourite brand of paint is Behr because they have a line that has the lowest amounts of VOCs in paint. You can paint the with windows closed without feeling dizzy and the walls are dry in a few hours.  My only problem with that paint is you can't wash the walls without the paint coming off.  That might just be an issue on my part, not with Behr. But either way, it's a great paint.  It's actually the only paint I use now!

I tend to stick with beiges and whites for the living areas because they're so versatile.  Plus, as soon as you walk in our front door you see the living room, kitchen and dining room and it's only separated by a wooden railing and some stairs.  BUT I love saturated colours too!  Deep purple, girly pink, cheery red...love them all.  So I use those colours as accents in rooms with neutral walls.  The only room I've done a saturated colour is our dining room.  I absolutely love it and I was surprised that my husband agreed to it!  I had wanted a brown dining room with a mustard yellow ceiling for years and vowed to do that in my house one day.  Since our main floor is open concept a yellow ceiling was out of the question, but brown walls were a go!

Choosing a paint colour is a tough choice, I know that first hand.  I've made a short list of tips to help you in your decision:
  1. Determine what colours you like in general.
  2. Ask yourself if any of them are practical for the room you want to paint. I love dark purple but painting a whole living room would look a little weird in our house.
  3. Buy sample size cans of paint to test how the colours will look on the wall.  I suggest painting patches about 1 foot by 1 foot of each colour and make sure they are all close together so you can compare.
  4. Paint!  If the colour you chose ends up looking bad, it's only paint and can be redone.  
Do you have a favourite paint colour?  Let me know  by commenting below, sending an email (davidswife@gmail.com) or by tweeting me @OurWoodHomeblog!

All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I may occasionally refer to a specific brand or product but I have not been compensated for that unless noted.  I suggest brands I truly believe in and personally use.  If you are interested in sponsorship or any kind please e-mail me at the address above.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

managing money on one income

Last month I wrote about getting fired unexpectedly and how we were okay financially.  Today I'd like to talk about more ways we saved and managed our money.

To begin, you should know that we got married in October 2012.  We also bought and moved into our house.  When we started looking at houses we had 2 incomes and a lot of money saved for a down payment.  We were preapproved for a mortgage double what I thought we'd get, which was great because it meant we didn't have to settle for a tiny, rundown house in the city; we could actually afford a county home.  In the end we were able to out down 20% of the purchase price as a down payment.  Married life was comfortable with our 2 incomes and we were even able to start saving money.  Less than 2 months after our wedding I was fired from my job (it was a 9 month contract and I had 2 months left to go.  So we knew I'd be without work soon but were working on a financial plan).  We had some money saved up so we weren't too worried about getting behind in our bills, and my husband apparently makes enough to cover all our bills with some left over.

But sometimes things happen that cause us to dip into our savings...and eventually that savings diminishes.  I took a long hard look at our finances and realized we were spending too much unnecessarily.  So I saved all our receipts for 1 month to determine our average variable expenses.  Then I added in our fixed expenses and subtracted that total from our income each month.  I was very surprised to see how much money we spent on little things that we didn't need.  We cut out a lot of things such as meals away from home and clothing (I love clothes shopping! But when I actually went through my closet and sorted through my stuff, I realized I didn't need a lot of new things.  Plus, since I wasn;t working I didn't need to buy more dress clothes).  We decided we could spend a certain amount of money on variable expense each month, and no more.  We also decided to go out to eat only once and that I wouldn't buy any new clothing or house stuff unless I got rid of items we had but weren't using.  For example, we already have lots of bed sheet sets.  So if I wanted more, prettier ones I had to donate some we no longer used.    This system really worked! Seeing our spending in black and white was a real eye opener.
We also set financial goals for ourselves.  For example, we wanted to renovate the basement bathroom in the near future, so we had to determine what we needed to buy and how much it would cost (side note: we are currently renovating that bathroom!  we managed to score an antique sink and will use flooring we had from another project.  more on that later!).  

Here is a summary of exactly what we did to manage our single income:

  1. saved our receipts for 1 month to determine our variable spending
  2. made a list of fixed expenses, such as mortgage, cell phone and insurance 
  3. averaged the fixed but slightly varying expenses such as hydro and propane (we are on a well so we don't pay for water)
  4. determined our monthly income after taxes
  5. added all our monthly expenses and subtracted that from monthly income
  6. decided what variable expenses could be cut out or reduced (eating out less frequently, not buying clothes unless we need an item, buying less groceries per week so nothing spoils before we use it)
  7. set financial goals to motivate us to save money (another goal I had was to upgrade the kitchen with a new backsplash and countertop so I stuck a picture of what I want to the fridge as motivation)

*bonus step*  since I was home all the time I was using my computer, doing laundry and cooking whenever I wanted, but I was also using electricity at it's peak which means it cost more. I went online  to see when the peak hours of usage are and then planned my activities around that.  I would still use my laptop but only charge it during off peak; I'd cook dinner in the early afternoon instead of around 5; I did laundry in the evenings or overnight.  With that simple change we saved around $30-40 each month on our hydro bill.

I would like to point out that we were not in debt at all during this process.  We bought our house without any prior debts like credit card bills or loans.  We paid all our bills on time or called the company and asked if we could do payments each month without penalty.  If you are currently in debt, or close to it I suggest you seek help from a professional debt counselor.  There's a whole section in the phone book with listings.  My advice is for people who just need help adjusting their finances.  I'm in no way a professional, I'm simply sharing what worked for my family.    

Do you have any money saving tips?  I'd love to hear them!  Comment below, send me an e-mail (davidswife2574@gmail.com) or tweet me @OurWoodHomeblog!

ps-be sure to like out my Facebook page for more photos and posts!  


Friday, January 10, 2014

short hair care and maintenance

I love having short hair.  It's easy to style, keeps me head cool in the summer, looks stylish and adult, is out of my way, etc.  But I've read blogs of other short haired women who say having short hair takes a lot of work...I'm here to share the benefits of having short hair, how to look after it and some general tips I've learned along the way.

Some benefits of short hair:
  1. it takes me 5 minutes to wash it
  2. it dries naturally in a short amount of time
  3. shows off facial features and neck
  4. no more hassle of trying to style it everyday
  5. allows me to dress more feminine and wear more jewelry and makeup without feeling overdressed

How to care for short hair:
  1. find a great stylist who knows how to cut short hair (mine used to have short hair so she knows her stuff!)
  2. to maintain a certain length you may need monthly trims
  3. wash you hair every other day if you can.  having a little oil will make your hair easier to style, plus keep it shiny and prevent drying out
  4. I've found that hair products aren't really needed, except for hairspray to flatten some frizzies.  After I wash and towel dry my hair I comb in the way I want it to lay and sometimes pin my bangs to the side because they usually don't cooperate.  Then I air dry and remove the pins.  

Myths about short hair:
  1. everyone will think you're a boy.  not true as long as you wear clothing that shows you are a woman!  plus, having short hair means you can overcompensate with a little more make up and jewelry!
  2. it's not a wash and go style. depending on you cut it can be very wash and go.  The sides and back of my hair are pretty short so all I have to do is comb the longer hair on top to straighten it out and I'm good to go.
  3. there aren't many styling options with short hair. okay, this is sort of true.  Some people may spike their short hair, or flip it or whatever, but that's not my thing.  I like knowing that I don't have to worry about how to style my hair.  That being said, I can always throw on a cute hair band or scarf or even clip my bangs back or make a mini pouf if I wanted a different look.
  4. short hair can't be dressed up. au contraire!  Short hair looks very chic when you're dressed up because it sort of just blends in and makes your outfit stand out.  An example below shows my husband and I dressed up for his work Christmas party. I also had shortish hair for my wedding (it was a short bob)!
  5. husbands/men in general won't like it. this is also true.  A lot of men equate femininity with long hair but I disagree.  My husband and I actually met when I had short hair and he thought I was cute.  I've had long and short hair over the course of our 5 years together and he prefers my short hair.  Some men may hate short hair on women and some may love it.  But the same goes with long hair, brown hair, blonde hair, etc.  If a guy only loves you for your hair it may be time to move on!!!

Short hair is the right choice for me.  I think it suits me, it's easy to look after and most importantly: it's never in my way anymore (I was always flicking my long hair out of my eyes and off my face).  


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

our favourite blankets

It's been so cold here lately!!  There's gusting winds up to 50km/hour, freezing temps close to -40C and frost quakes.  And our house has some drafty windows and doors so sometimes we can feel the wind blowing through, which makes for some chilly times.  Thankfully we have heat and have never had our power interrupted!  We use our woodstove for most of the heat and have a propane furnace as well, but sometimes even that isn't enough to keep me toasty.  I like to wrap myself with blankets to stay cozy.  David and I have accumulated so many blankets since we got married and we definitely have favourites.  Here are 3 of our top picks.

This blanket was knit for us by David's grandma for Christmas this year.  I think this is our fifth knitted afgan style blanket and we love them. They keep us nice and warm so we always have one on our bed.  They're also great for wrapping around yourself to watch TV or read.

Where to find it: Obviously David's grandma can't make everyone a blanket, but I've seen similar blankets at second hand stores.  They're reasonably priced and I've always seen a wide variety of colours.  Look for one that has a tight knit to ensure maximum warmth!  And if the thought of using someone else's old blanket freaks you out, just find a really good dry cleaner!

This is one of David's favourite blankets to use.  It's a Woolrich with leather on one side and a fleecy, sheepy fabric on the other.  It's very warm and easy to clean (the leather just wipes clean but I've actually thrown this in the wash machine).  This blanket is a single person one so it's a little hard to share unless you get super cozy...which isn't a bad idea!

Where to find it: David's parents bought this blanket at a cottage store but Woolrich is available at a multitude of retailers.  You can also order from their website by clicking here.  Unfortunately,  they no longer make this exact blanket but there are some great alternatives.  And Woolrich is a high quality brand so you know it will last your family a long time.

This is one of my favourites.  It was a wedding present from a friend of ours who was working as a teacher in remote Canadian schools.  She bought this for us on her travels and we love it.  It's so warm and stylish! I like it so much because the wool is very soft, the blanket is a small size so it's not too bulky to wrap myself in and it's neutral colours look perfect in our living room.  My cat actually loves this blanket more than I do!

Where to buy it: We don't know where she bought this blanket but I did find an online retailer who sells this brand.  They ship globally and have some really neat patterns.

As I mentioned before we have soooo many blankets and throws that it's hard to use them all.  Some of them are too big to snuggle on the couch with, others are too small for even one person and some just aren't warm enough.  But the three I've shown are awesome.  Go get yourself one:)

ps- piling these blankets make an excellent cat nest!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

our "diet"

A lot of people make resolutions to start dieting at the beginning of each new year, but it seems like most diets fail because they are hard to stick to.  I've never been one to diet because I've maintained a healthy weight through my teen and adult years.  My husband is the same.  However, shortly after we got married he mentioned a few times how he just had no energy and felt lethargic.  We came to the conclusion that it was all the red meat we had been eating (David's family didn't eat a lot of meat and when they did, it was only fish and chicken, so his body wasn't used to processing red meat).  I'd usually cook beef a few times a week so we decided to cut it out altogether.  David soon noticed a difference in his energy levels, which was great.  We started our red meat reduced diet about 1 year ago and have no regrets.  We still enjoyed steaks and burgers during the summer.  And I will never turn down a pulled pork sammie!  But we enjoy the taste of red meat so much more now that it's an occasional food.

We also recently decided to only eat chips and drink pop on the weekend, as opposed to whenever we felt like (this is mainly for me...my teeth can't handle all the sugar that is in pop!).  Not only are we saving money buy not buying so much junk food, but we are making healthier snack choices.
I also decided to cut out white flour and replace it with whole wheat.  I do a lot of baking so I think this is a good choice.  This picture below will show you why I made that choice...

The one on the right is my old flour...look how much extra crap was in it!  And the one on the left is the organic, whole wheat we now use.  Whole wheat flour tastes so much better in baked goods and gives a really nice texture.  But here's the best part: we are eating healthier without making radical changes to our lifestyle.  

Let's review our diet:

  • less red meat (maybe once a month)
  • drinking alcohol and pop only on weekends
  • eating chips only on weekends
  • using whole wheat flour instead of white
  I'd like to point out something really important though: even though we have changed our eating habits, we will stray from that in social situations.  If we are offered a piece of pie at a family meal we don't ask if the crust is organic whole wheat; we eat the darn pie if we want it!  Eating and sharing food really is a social event and we'd never want to make people uncomfortable or feel insulted if we turned down something they offered us.  We enjoy meals with loved ones, regardless of what it is.  And we don't beat ourselves up if we drink a pop at a restaurant with friends on a Wednesday night.  Our food choices are personal and something we choose to do.  We don't want anyone else to feel bad about what they eat, we only want to offer encouragement to anyone who is considering  making positive changes to their eating habits.  We want to say "yes, it is possible to have a long term diet that works without cutting out the foods you love".  Our eating habits are about moderation: we won't deprive ourselves of a food because it's considered unhealthy.  We will instead have a small portion occasionally.

I hope you read this whole post and found it helpful or informative.  And I wish you best of luck if you decide to adopt similar eating habits.  Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below or drop me an e-mail (davidswife2574@gmail.com).

Please note: I'm not a doctor or nutritionist.  You should consult your health care practitioner before beginning any radical diets.  We do not consider this a diet, rather a lifestyle choice.  

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