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Our Wood Home: June 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

short hair obsession

It's no secret that I really like having short hair.  Any time someone I know is talking about cutting their hair I try to convince them to get a pixie cut.  Mine has made my life so much simpler (and cheaper!) because now I wash my hair with a bar of vegetable glycerin soap and let it air dry.  I don't have to worry about styling or using heat tools which can be damaging.

I've had a pixie cut for a little over  year now and have gone through a couple different styles until finding one I really like.   Pinterest has been a vital tool in my search for the perfect cut.  I wanted to share with you some of my favourite inspiration pictures, so maybe you will be nudged in the direction of a pixie cut ;)

It seems like so many celebrities are cutting their hair short, so I'm sure that more women will be following suit soon!

While I do like the look of the shaggy pixie, similar to Jennifer Lawrence (above) I know that it would drive me crazy having my bangs long.  My hair is super thick and heavy so sometimes I'm tempted to go as short as Emma Watson (second from bottom) but I'm afraid I'd look too boyish.  For now, my current cut works for me.  If you're interested in reading the rest of my hair related posts, click here.

Do you have a pixie cut?  Is it something you'd ever consider? Let me know in the comments, by tweeting me @OurWoodHomeblog or on Facebook.

All images I used in the post are from Pinterest, so their original sources can be found there.


Monday, June 23, 2014

weekend recap: June 20-22

This weekend started off great because David came home from a week long wetland course!  When he got home we did our usual routine of food and Netflix.

On Saturday we had a family BBQ at my in-law's cottage.  David's youngest cousin, Sydney,  had her first canoe ride with her dad and David and she loved it (she even wanted to go again).

um, ok....can I just point out how SUPER BUFF my husband is?!  :D

The dogs cried and waited for the canoe to come back.

 I got a new hat, so of course I have to take a picture of me in it. #dockselfie #isthatevenathing?  #i'mtoooldforthis

I've been spotted!

After their canoe ride we took Sydney for a walk to catch butterflies, dragonflies and frogs.  Along the way we pointed out different wild plants and even found wild strawberries.  We compared the leaves of poison ivy to those on wild strawberry and Sydney pointed out the strawberry leaves are different because they have teeth on them.

David caught a dragonfly in his net and taught Sydney how to properly hold them without hurting them.

On Sunday we went to church and in the afternoon I had an engagement session to photograph.  We took pictures at the bride's father's farm (where she grew up).  The light and the scenery made for some great pictures and I had such a hard time choosing just 1 for this post (feel free to check out my photography!).

We finished out Sunday with a BBQ and some housework.  I don't have anything super exciting planned for this week...mostly just weeding all 6 of the gardens, dusting and vacuuming the pollen from the house er'ryday and going into town for my weekly shopping trip. I'm also meeting my friend Heather for ice cream, which will be nice.

The weather is supposed to be super hot and sunny this week so I'm hoping to spend a lot of time on the back deck with a good book!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

house tour: kitchen

Today I'm sharing photos of my kitchen.  A lot of bloggers will style their kitchens to make them look prettier or in use by setting out pots and pans or having a rustic basket full of fresh produce waiting to be cut up.  All that is fine and I certainly enjoy seeing pictures like that but I wanted to show what a real kitchen looks like.  All the things you see in mine are always there; nothing was added for the sake of a picture.  I did however clean away clutter, like mail on the counter and the dishes drying by the sink.

I like the idea of decorating the kitchen walls with pictures of food or neat retro signs, but we have no walls so we came up with other ideas.

This is the view from the front door.  The living room, kitchen and dining room are all visible.

 Let's take a peek inside some of our cupboards!  They always look this way, I assure you.

How about a closer look at what's on the counter tops?

vintage glass jar that my grandma gave to my mom, who gave it to me.

David made me this little bowl out of a burl on a tree.  I use it for storing my rings when cooking.

the lemon meringue dish is the bottom of a cute pie plate my mom got me.  It cracked and broke but I couldn't bear to part with it.  The Corona jar is a hand me down from David's grandma. 

 Look up and this is what you will see!

avacado pits being rooted

looking into the dining room. there is so much light!

the whole wall is wood paneled and the high windows mean we get so much awesome sunlight coming in. The tall ceilings also add an architectural interest to an otherwise ordinary space.
 And lastly, this is a shot of the floors in the kitchen (also in the dining room).  I think they are a linoleum tile that is meant to look like stone...but they don't.  They are nice to walk on though, and not too cold in winter.  Plus they go nicely with the wood cabinets as well as the brown dining room walls.

So there you go, a tour of our kitchen.  It isn't huge, but it isn't small either. We have a lot of counter space and a fair bit of room to move around between the counters.  In fact, both sets of our parents have larger kitchens but we have more counter space!  

I'm hoping to one day paint the cabinets ( I know...wood!!) a buttery shade and we want to replace the floors and counters too.  The wood cabinets may look nice from a distance but they have a permanent layer of 'yuck' on them and the wood is splitting is a couple places.  But the kitchen works really well for us and it doesn't look terrible :)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

my mom's birthday!

Today is my mom's 48th birthday! She is 24 years older than me and when people see us together they can't believe we are mother and daughter because my mom looks much younger than her age.

L-R: my mom in the 1980s, in 2009, in 2010 and the bottom 3 pictures are from 2012.
My mom has worked at the same place for quite some time now so I've met most of her coworkers.  But before I did, nobody believed she had a daughter my age.  If the topic of kids ever came up in conversation she would say something like "My son started high school this year" and they would think my brother was her oldest...until she said "And my other son is almost done, and my daughter is in grade 12".  In case you didn't know: I have 2 younger brothers, currently ages 21 and 22.

Anyway, back to my mom!  She was born in 1966 in Toronto, Ontario and is the first child of Croatian immigrants.  Her parents were born and raised in Croatia and came to Canada as young newlyweds (my mom has a younger brother as well).  She lived in Toronto and the GTA for most of her life until my parents bought a house in the country around 1996.  My mom became a single parent in 2004 but she stayed strong through it all.  She always made sure my brothers and I were taken care of and often took us on day trips to the city where she grew up.  She even took us camping in the summer!!  She bought me my first car and paid for me to go to college.  She gave me advice on home buying and contributed to our wedding.

My mom taught me not to settle in life and that I deserve great things.  She taught me valuable life skills and always leads by example.

Birthdays have always been a big deal to my mom.  My brothers and I always had the best parties as kids and as we've gotten older we try to make sure my mom has a good day too.  Today I'm taking her out for lunch at a seafood resturant, which I know she will enjoy.  Feel free to email or comment below with happy birthday wishes :)

PS: my mom says her secret to looking young is taking care of her skin!  She has always cleansed, toned and moisturized her face twice a day.


Monday, June 16, 2014

weekend recap: June 13-15

We were pretty busy this weekend so I didn't have a lot of time for picture taking.  While David was working on Friday I was make him starting to make his food for a week long trip to a wetlands course.  He's about 4 hours away right now :(  
The rest of Friday was spent doing the usual (eating and relaxing). Recently we've been giving Vinnie some treats my mom gave her and she LOVES them.  David is her best friend when it's treat time.  We are trying to train her to "sit" and I think it can be done.  She kept biting my fingers after I gave her a treat...they must have smelled like snacks still.

We got up at a decent time on Saturday to go grocery shopping for more food for David to take on his trip. He needed new dress pants and shoes so we bought those too.  I spent the rest of Saturday cooking, doing laundry and cleaning.  It's pollen season now so all of the flat surfaces in the house are covered in it from having the windows open.  I have to dust and vacuum every day now instead of every other day. David finished working on his dad's Father's Day present and his belated Mother's Day gift for his mom.

Sunday was another early day because we went to see the Lion King musical with my in-laws. It was a surprise gift for my father in law that he didn't know about until he opened the ticket envelope.  We showed up at their house around 8:30 AM and he wondered why we were there and why we had dressed up (We said it was for church). Then he opened his cards and gifts and saw the tickets.  He saw that they were for that afternoon and everybody went to get dressed for it.  We drove to the city, had brunch and then saw the show.

Cameras weren't allowed during the performance but I was able to take the above picture to show the location of our seats.

There wasn't an enforced dress code but most people wore "business casual" clothes.  We took this picture once we got back home around 6 PM, so our clothing is a little wrinkled.  After we changed into regular clothes David go busy packing up his stuff for his course.  When he left I pretty much just lazed around until bed.  I expected Vinnie to steal David's spot on the bed, which is what she usually does every morning when he gets up to shower, but she stayed in her own bed.

I had planned to paint the living room today but I woke up with a headache that seems to be worsening.  I think my day will now involve lots of sleeping instead.