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Thursday, August 28, 2014

whiskey iced tea

My husband really likes whiskey.  He usually drinks it mixed with Coke, but his new favourite way to drink it is mixed with homemade iced tea.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that I used as a starting point but my version is all my own!

  • 3-5 cups water
  • 2-3 black tea bags (we use Orange Pekoe)
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup lime juice
  • 1 cup whiskey
  • ice
  1. Fill a large pitcher with hot water and place the tea bags in. Add the honey while the water is still hot. Allow the tea to steep while the water cools down.
  2. Remove tea bags if desired and add lemon and lime juices.  Mix well.
  3. Pour in the whiskey and stir. 
  4. Fill the pitcher with ice and serve.

I'll be honest: I followed the original recipe fairly closely the first time I made this.  Then I just started making it however I wanted.  I don't even measure anymore but use David's discerning palate to determine measurements.  After I make the tea, he tastes it and tells me if it needs more of something.  If you don't want a super  sweet tea feel free to use less or no honey.  Or if you have white sugar on hand, use that instead.  I won't judge!   You could also try this with a different tea, but we used Orange Pekoe because that is what we had. 

I've made this whiskey iced tea a lot over the summer and it is always well received.  We brought it to a family BBQ and everyone loved it.  Some family members even seemed impressed that we made our own iced tea, and didn't simply mix bottled tea with whiskey.  

This tea can easily be made family friendly if you simply omit the whiskey from the pitcher but allow the adults to add a splash to their cups of tea.   We were at the cottage when these pictures were taken, so of course the whiskey was included;)  I'd like to give a shout out to my husband for his awesome styling for this post!  

I know summer is ending soon, but I highly suggest you find time to make this tea.  Let me know if you choose to use a different kind of tea!


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This post is geared towards my fellow bloggers!  I've finally created a button for my blog and I'd be super honoured if you shared it on your blog:)  I'd also like to return the favour and add yours to mine, so please let me know that you added it.

I can be reached through the comments below, via email (davidswife2574@gmail.com) or through Facebook. 

And for my non blogging friends and readers who are wondering what I'm talking about: allow me to explain.  Buttons promoting blogs are an easy way for bloggers to let their readers know what blogs they enjoy.    It lets readers know what other blogs they might enjoy, while also promoting some smaller blogs like mine!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

jolly green jumper

I'm really excited for this post because I'm sharing an outfit I wore for my cousin Jessica's wedding on August 16.  I got it in my head that a jumper would be awesome but I was unsure of how it would look. I ended up finding this one online and thought it was amazing, so I sent a picture to my mom and David and asked what they thought.  They both said it looked nice, and if I hated it I could just return it.

The fabric is silky, but not super clingy.  I ordered a size up, just to be safe because who wants a wedgie all night?  I kept my accessories pretty standard with my dangly earrings and Pandora bracelets (not pictured).  My make up was a little more than I usually wear since I added false lashes:)  I finished it with bright red lipstick that stayed on all night!  In the first picture I'm wearing a leopard print cardigan because it was a little chilly.  I wore blue wedge sandals because the colour was pretty and I don't own fancier heels.  I debated wearing a belt with the jumper but I didn't...I sort of wish I had though.

David                                                                                   Christina
Shirt: Sears                                                                       Jumper: Shabby Apple
Pants: Mark's                                                                    Shoes: Payless
Shoes: Mark's

Okay....this picture is sort of embarassing.  I don't know where I'm looking or why I have crazy eyes.  This was taken after we got home around 1 AM.    

I was surprisingly comfy wearing the jumper all night.  The fabric was light weight, the elastic waist wasn't too tight and I received a lot of compliments from family.  There were actually 2 other guests wearing jumpers but theirs were black.  I like the green because it's bright and cheerful.  I'm planning to wear this again with a blazer and maybe booties for a Christmas party in the future. 

Tell me: would you ever wear a jumper?  What do you think of them?  I've been told they are only suitable for clowns and toddlers.  Other people said they would rather see me wear tights as pants instead of a jumper...but I think I looked pretty good:)


Monday, August 25, 2014

weekend recap AND cottage recap

Hello again!  I'm back from a semi restful vacation which was followed by a productive but tiring weekend.

First I'll share some highlights from the cottage and then I'll end with a brief recount of the weekend.  How about a little info on the cottage?

David's great grandparents had it built for them (but we are unsure of the exact year), but then a dam was built on the bay so the whole cottage had to be uprooted and moved further back so the new bay could be created.  This cottage was actually the first one to be moved to it's new location.  Once moved it was made larger and another house was built on the property.

 The cottage is located in Norway Bay, Quebec.

This painting is sooooo creepy!  We call it "The drunk Irish guy eyeing you from across the bar".

There are lots of really neat old family photos  throughout the cottage, like these below.

 Feeding chippy friend, day 1.

this shot was David's idea!

We were near Ottawa, Ontario so we visited a couple museums and on the way back to the cottage we saw a sign for an arboretum, so of course we stopped in! It was a huge park with hills, ponds and a lot of neat trees.  The picture below is the walls of a path we walked.

HUUUUUUGE oak tree.

Day 2 of chippy feeding.

Whiskey iced tea....recipe posted later this week:)

When I said the cottage vacation was semi restful, I meant it.  Sadly, the weather wasn't that great so the first day we spent at the beach I was wrapped in a towel the whole time.  David managed to sunburn his stomach, so he was uncomfortable for a few days after.  The next day was hot and sunny, which I loved!  But the sun hurt David's burn so he stayed in the shade.  The rest of the days were cold and rainy so we stayed inside.  Something in the air made us sick which made it hard to get a good night's rest.  We decided to come home a day early on Friday; we quickly unpacked once we got home and I drove my brother back to his house since he was cat sitting for me.

That brings us to the weekend recap for August 22-24.  Friday was spent driving.  Saturday was a rest day since both David and I were feeling sick still.  David managed to cut the grass and I did loads and loads of laundry.  On Sunday my mom was moving so she asked us to help her out.  Her new apartment is on the third floor of a building with no elevators...fuuuuun.  Thankfully she had both my brothers, David, our friend Todd and my friend Drew and his dad so they were able to carry the heavy stuff.  But walking up all those stairs in the super hot weather was not fun for anyone!  When we got home I tried to sort out some internet issues because apparently our Wifi has no password!  Somehow the internet stopped working all together but after pushing buttons and unplugging wires we got it to work. I hate technology some times!

This week on the blog I'll be sharing an outfit post from my cousin's wedding earlier this month, the recipe for whiskey iced tea and more. As always, be sure to follow me on Facebook or via email (subscribe on the right).

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

peach inspiration

By the time you read this post I will up at David's family cottage on Norway Bay, Quebec.  Hopefully the weather is hot and sunny because I want to spend alllllll day on the sandy beach!!

But back to this post...I'm talking about peaches today.  While they're usually available year round thanks to our neighbors in the south I prefer to buy them in season and grown in Ontario.  We got 4 big baskets of fresh peaches from the Niagara region so I've been looking for some recipe ideas to make good use of them (I've already canned some sliced peaches and made jam).

As usual, Pinterest has not failed me and provided a plethora of ideas.  Here are some of my favourites I'm dying to try!

1. Country Sunrise Smoothie, courtesy of yours truly!
2. Roasted Peach Lemonade, courtesy of The Naptime Chef
3. Raspberry Peach Iced Tea, courtesy of Damn Delicious 
4. Vanilla Honey Peach Butter, courtesy of Nutmeg Nanny
5. Cinnamon Streusel Peach Pie Bars, courtesy of Crumbs and Chaos
6. Triple Vanilla Dulce de Leche Peach Pie, courtesy of Hot Polka Dot
7. Glazed Peach Bread, courtesy of Deliciously Sprinkled

Is your mouth watering now?  Mine sure is!  I've made the lemonade before and it is seriously so good. I am likely sipping a big glass at the cottage right now;)

I mentioned earlier that I made some peach jam and tried my hand at canning fresh peaches, so I'll be sure to share my experience with that soon!

Thanks for reading; I'll post an update about our little vacay once we get back home.


Monday, August 18, 2014

where am I?

Greetings from Norway Bay!  I'm currently on vacation at David's family cottage in Quebec so I've scheduled some posts to be published automatically.  There is no internet, cable TV and very poor cell phone reception at the cottage so we will be spending all our time at the beach :)  Once I get back home I'll post some pictures from the cottage, but for now, please enjoy these from 2009.

photo by David...me rocking a ponytail and glasses seems like such a distant memory!

awww, we're so young!  I was almost 19 and David was 21.

taken by David's sister, Kaitlyn
When these pictures were taken David and I had been dating for about 8 months.  One day at the cottage I had point blank said "Do you plan on marrying me someday?" and David said yes.  I knew I wanted to marry him in the future but hearing him say that he wanted that too made things so much better!

We haven't been able to spend a lot of time together this summer due to both of us working, and most of my shifts being in the evening and on weekends.  This cottage vacation will be a nice way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer together, with no distractions.

I've got more scheduled posts coming out this week, so be sure to check back or subscribe to my posts via email (there is a box on the right hand side of the page to do so).

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

monthly grocery shop part 3: an update

Have you been following along with our Monthly Grocery Shop mini series? No? Click here or here to get all caught up!  Today I'm going to give a little update on how it's working out so far and give a list of pros and cons for a monthly grocery shop.

So far I've stuck to the planned menu pretty well.  I've made pasta a few times (off menu) because making sauce is quick and easy.  But I did make the chili, naan pizza, chicken lasagna from the list and I bought a rotisserie chicken from the store.   I also made some chicken soup when I was sick.  

I ended up buying milk and more day old buns though.  When I saw cereal on sale I stocked up on a few boxes as well.  I also caved and bought some snacks a few times.  Sticking to our original budget is tricky especially when I'm at work at the grocery store! I'm surrounded by soooo many goodies and temptation is er'rywhere.  But I think overall we did pretty well for our first big shop.  We still have a lot of food to use up, so next month's grocery list will be pretty short.  

I have mixed feelings about doing another big grocery shop so I'd like to know what your opinions are.  You can comment below or give your response on Facebook.  Below is my list of pros and cons.  Can you think of anything else for either column?